Monday, October 20, 2014

Storm Sewer Installation Continues. Working on Southern Portion.

The contractor, Kovilic Construction,  continued with the rear-yard storm sewer improvements between Rolling Pass and Prairie Lawn Road from Glenview Road to Linneman Street.

Last week, the contractor completed the northerly section of storm sewer, including all storm sewer services, from the homes between 957 Prairie Lawn/934 Rolling Pass to 921 Prairie Lawn/906 Rolling Pass.

The contractor has also completed all of the tree trimming, removal, or transplanting as necessary to access the site. The contractor has also removed the required fencing and other landscaping items required to complete the project.

The contractor also started on the southerly section of the storm sewer improvements at 911 Prairie Lawn/902 Rolling Pass and will be working south towards Linneman Street.

It is anticipated the work in these rear-yards will take another 2-3 weeks to complete. The progress is slower than anticipated due to the tight conditions they were working in and only able to access to site from the south at Linneman Street.  As they continue to move south, the progress should become quicker because there is less travel from their singular access point to the location they are installing the storm sewer.

Thank you again to all the residents who have been dealing with the construction in the back yards for the past 2 weeks. This past week was especially difficult due to the amount of rain and made the work area very sloppy.  Please be assured the Village is working with the contractor to ensure the work is progressing as quickly as possible with the least amount of disruption. The contractor is responsible for restoring landscaping items that are disrupted during the construction process.

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